Gould Electronics rests its reputation on customer satisfaction.
We believe that we consistently provide an excellent service but we do not want to simply maintain this standard; we are determined to improve it. As testament to our commitment to this principle we have begun the process of working towards ISO 9001, the internationally recognised standard for the quality management systems of businesses. Companies that are accredited can offer the utmost reassurance to customers about the safety, quality and reliability of their products and services. The process of working towards achieving the award is rigorous and depends on a number of staged internal and external audits. We have appointed James Cannicott to manage the application process for us. James initially came to work for Gould Electronics as a temp but his qualifications and abilities quickly identified him as the ideal candidate for such an important role and he was given a longer contract to enable him to see the application through to achievement of the award. James has made an excellent start by initiating an examination of our current objectives and processes that are necessary to deliver results in accordance with customer requirements. We recognise that it is important to demonstrate transparency in this process so that we can prove the validity of our claim to be working towards ISO 9001. To honour our commitment to this principle we will continue to report our progress here.



Cornwall based firm Gould Electronics have formed an agreement with Canada based company Little Services to introduce its Logistrics Taxi application to taxi companies in the UK. After searching for a dispatch system for taxi operators that would complement their existing radio solutions Goulds chose Logistrics Taxi due to their superior product offering.

The system Goulds have brought to the UK is a dispatch system for taxi operators that allow a successful taxi business to be run at a fraction of the cost of desktop based solutions.

David Gould, Director of Gould Electronics comments “The system will deliver operating efficiencies for our taxi business customers and allow us to further enhance our solution offering for the taxi marketplace. The exciting idea is that soon customers will be able to order taxis directly from their smartphones, which is a huge benefit.”

The solution is currently used worldwide but Goulds are the first company to bring the product to the UK. Bruce Bradley, Director of Business Development for Logistrics said “We are delighted to be working with Gould Electronics in bringing Logistrics to the UK market. We believe the use of this solution will deliver greater choice, cost savings and quick return on investment for taxi companies compared to desktop dispatch systems.

No new hardware is required except for the Android smartphone. All that is required is web access and the taxi company can be up and running on the system in minutes.

For further information please contact Gould Electronics on 01209 821804.

Gould Electronics are pleased to announce an addition to the Goulds Group in the formation of Scot-Tel-Gould. This new company was formed by a partnership of two existing communication companies, Scot-Tel Ltd and Gould Electronics. The Scot-Tel-Gould partnership was created to offer an all-encompassing wireless communications portfolio in the Aberdeenshire, Moray and Grampian regions for Scotland.
Scot-Tel, based in Scotland, provide wireless and broadcast products and services and Gould Electronics, based in Cornwall, specialise in two way radio networks and product expertise. The Scot-Tel-Gould partnership combines the excellent track record and reputation of both companies in the delivery and support of wireless communication networks and solutions to local authority, public safety, military and leading national telecommunications providers.

David Gould, Director of Gould Electronics & Scot-Tel-Gould comments “We are very pleased to have created this new company by creating a partnership with Scot-Tel. By working together we have put in place a vital communications system to an otherwise remote and cut off area. We are delighted that Aberdeenshire Council and Moray Council will be the initial users of the system. We look forward to helping other businesses in the area increase their efficiency and productivity through use of the Scot-Tel-Gould services.”
The partnership was formed to provide radio coverage initially to the Grampian region of Scotland including around the coast from Montrose to Nairn and including inland to the ski slopes of the Cairngorms. With extremely remote areas in the region reliable communications is vital to businesses, local authorities and emergency services. The system Scot-Tel-Gould put in place was the first of its kind in the region and will provide vital two way communications.


Free Health & Safety Advice
For Gould Customers


Gould Electronics are pleased to be able to work in partnership with Safety Cornwall. Safety Cornwall are a local leading provider of all things safety related – health and safety, food safety and fire safety. They have kindly offered free over the phone and e-mail advice to all Gould customers. If you have any queries or concerns related to any safety issues, training requirements, accidents or regulations please call them on 01872 242207 or email enquiries@safetycornwall.co.uk

For more information on what Safety Cornwall can offer Gould customers please go to their website www.safetycornwall.co.uk

New team member for Gould’s
Gould Electronics are pleased to welcome David Jefferies to their team. David will be working with Gould in the North East of England.
David Gould, Director of Gould Electronics, comments “David is going to be a great addition to the Gould team. He has an exceptional track record and we look forward to the results he will bring in. Welcome to the team David.”


Local businesses have been left extremely concerned about the news that the CCTV system in eleven Cornish towns will be cut. Fears are growing that without the cameras being monitored the doors will be open to shoplifters and vandals and the safety of local streets will be compromised.

At a meeting held by Cornwall Council in December it was decided that funding would be removed for the monitoring of CCTV. The towns affected are Camborne, Redruth, Falmouth, Hayle, Helston, Newquay, Penryn, Penzance, St Austell, St Ives and Truro.

Remploy, the company that currently monitor the CCTV system, were given notice by Cornwall Council last week. Their contract now ends on 1st April leaving the CCTV system unmonitored from that date forward.

With Truro recently confirmed as the crime hub of Cornwall and Newquay a close second, the news of public CCTV cuts certainly raises security concerns especially considering the opportunistic nature of modern day criminals. Grant Ellis, Director of Ellis Security, who install and maintain CCTV systems, said “With Council cuts inevitable, the individual businesses in these towns will have to think about their own security implications to ensure that potentially increased crime levels do not have devastating consequences.”

CCTV has a proven track record in reducing crime and catching criminals when incidents occur. The recent case of the murder of Jo Yeates in Bristol just before Christmas demonstrates the vital need for CCTV to be upheld. Detectives were able to trace her last movements using CCTV footage which was of great help to the case. Also, in January 2010, an elderly couple were murdered in Torquay. Police have said that CCTV footage played a major role in finding the murderer and in October 2010 student Odai Salah was convicted at Exeter Crown Court and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Gould Electronics, who helped to set up the Shopwatch system in many towns in Cornwall, as well as supplying free radios to local police and street pastors, are very concerned over the coming CCTV cut. David Gould, Director of Gould Electronics comments "Over the years we have set up Shopwatch radio systems in towns all over Cornwall. The CCTV system was a vital part of keeping local town centres safe and its support was a useful part of the Shopwatch scheme. Without the CCTV the Shopwatch radio system will become even more important as retailers will now have to rely on communicating by radio. The loss of CCTV in Newquay is of particular concern as that may do significant damage to the Newquay Safe Partnership and in turn local business turnover."

Local residents are very worried about what impact this will have on their lives. With fear of crime rising locals are concerned that the lack of CCTV will make them feel unsafe on the streets, particularly at night. Fay Swan, a local resident of St Austell comments “I would say that the cut in CCTV is a false economy. If there is no CCTV footage to refer to after a crime has taken place it will cost more in time and person power to get that same information, resulting in either the person not being found or the person getting off due to lack of proof. The money the Council will save by cutting CCTV will cause an inevitable increase in spending on police and court time.”